Get To Know AgentMethods

We Make It Easy To Build And Manage The Best Insurance Websites

AgentMethods began out of work we were doing for many of the country’s major insurance carriers. We helped them launch websites and online marketing programs that generated countless leads. We built quote engines and online claim systems. Email marketing campaigns. Search optimization. When it comes to online insurance, name it and there’s a good chance we’ve helped a major carrier do it.

During that time we learned a thing or two about the insurance industry. To better understand our clients, we even became licensed agents. We also saw a growing need to serve the insurance agent – the person who is out there selling policies one at a time. We realized that the critical missing piece was providing agents with access to an easy-to-build website platform. We decided to address that need and AgentMethods was born.

Our Mantra

We’re here to make you successful online: That’s why AgentMethods exists. We not only give you the tools you need, we provide the help and training you need too.

Great service makes the difference: Our goal is fast, accurate and friendly support. We are working hard to develop that reputation.

Contracts are silly: No one likes being locked into something for a year or two. And, we all know it won’t keep you from leaving anyway. We want you to continue using our platform because it is the best solution for you. Our customers are free to cancel at any time, no questions asked and we never charge a termination fee. Of course, we hope you stay, and if your needs aren’t being met, let us know.

Keep learning and improving: We listen to our customers, learning from their feedback so that we can continue to enhance and improve the AgentMethods feature set. We’re a nimble organization, ready to move quickly to meet our customers’ needs.

It’s the fundamentals that count: We will never forget that our growth is dependent on an excellent product, good service, ease of use, pricing that makes sense and respect for your busy schedule. Why, because we’re here to make you successful online.