Creative Marketing Tips For Insurance Agents - The Industry Secrets

December 28, 2022 . 6 minute read | Posted by Joseph Kelsey

Are you hoping to take your insurance business to the next level in 2023? Want a little help?

If you are an insurance agent, this is for you! We've reached out to 13 leaders within our industry and asked them what creative tip or trend they think insurance agents should focus on in 2023. We gathered up the tips to help you with your plan of attack. These sure to help you get more clients and increase sales!

Here is what the industry leaders told us...

  • ”We teach our agents to employ marketing automation, social media, and telephone check-ins to stay top of mind with clients. Leveraging ancillary and supplemental health products to help moderate out-of-pocket exposure gives agents a courteous reason to stay in touch with clients throughout the year.”
    - Steve Trattner, AHCP

  • Agents today are wise to focus on marketing technology to remind their clients how thoughtful and helpful their agent is, like drip emails and texts on birthdays, anniversaries, AEP reminders. Some of the oldest practices are still best practices, such as handwritten thank you notes after a meeting or in-depth conversation, whether a policy was sold or not. While frivolous to some, many people are appreciative and touched by the simple gesture that doesn’t involve a computer or phone. Generating an authentic emotional response in a person can transform you in their eyes from a competent service provider to a trusted adviser, or friend.”
    - Samuel Halpern, Senior Market Sales

  • “One of the most effective ways to achieve your sales goals and retain business over the years is with a consistent retention plan. Use technology to automate personalized letters or postcards to clientele. Do this once, twice, or even three times a year and the referrals will come flooding in. The idea is to build a brand of consistency that people feel very good about recommending.”
    - Andrew Brown, Medicare Pro CRM

  • "Local SEO, although it may seem like a complex topic, is really quite similar to any
    other type of marketing. When it comes down to the basics, SEO is about your audience and what they want. What words do your clients use when you first start a conversation with them? Are there repeated key phrases? These common terms are a great way to start building a list of keywords which will be the building blocks for your local SEO strategy."

    - Ken Banfill, Quotit

  • _"Insurance Agents often grossly underestimate the power of “referrals”. When it comes to establishing a business, referrals are priceless. Start off by creating a list of people that you think would refer you business. Spend time nuturing these relationships and send them referrals when you can. Your new partners will return the favor and the snowball effect will kick in!"
    - Sonny Waldron, Insurance Agent Central

  • “I got onto Tik Tok to prove that you can find a Medicare audience anywhere, even social media. Everyone told me there are not enough people in our target demographic, it’s all kids dancing. I have 300k followers on Tik Tok, the largest following of anyone in the niche. My tip is that social media marketing works. Every platform has Seniors. It’s not easy to learn how a platform works but free leads generated from social media is something every agent can do.”
    - Sylvia Gordon, Gordon Marketing

  • "Insurance marketing is heavily about what you do with prospects and client information. We all know fortune is in the follow-up, but why aren’t we following up with all contacts in a non-spammy educational way? Make sure you're getting our name and information in front of your prospects and clients relatively often to increase closing ratio, retention of current clients, referrals and even to drive views to our youtube channel where they can get the best information available.”
    - Justin Brock, The Medicare Guru

  • “First, a big theme for 2023 will be helping agents create a full year marketing strategy; not just seasonally or using one or two tactics.
    Second, we see a huge need to reintroduce LTC/STC/Hybrid alternative products to the agents and their client solutions.  There is a huge need around this, and many states are starting to address it since it’s putting a huge financial strain on the Medicaid budget”

    - Jason McClellan, AID Brokerage

  • “In 2023, it will be critical for insurance agents to go back to the basics and take a look at their agency's purpose, mission, and vision. Even before the pandemic, expectations were growing year after year. When I see companies struggling to identify what they should do marketing-wise or through sales, it's often because there's a misalignment between what they say their purpose, mission, and vision are and what they're living out internally in their agency and externally with prospects and clients. Once you get REALLY specific on what your brand stands for, it becomes much clearer what you need to do. I'd recommend reading The Brand Flip by Marty Neumeier!"
    - Kelsey Rosauer, AgencyBloc

  • “It's good practice, to see how many times you could say thank you to your clients throughout the year. If the only time your clients hear from you is when you say sorry, they’re already gone.
    At the close of AEP and the end of each year it allows you an opportunity to say thank you once again to all your clients, agents, and business partners.”

    - Duke Jarboe, Financial Grade Senior Consultants

  • “The most important thing insurance agents can do in 2023 is send Thank You cards. This is your opportunity to strengthen the relationship and it keeps you top of mind. This leads to better retention and more referrals.”
    - Marcos Moreno, Berwick Insurance Group

  • “Medicare agents have to face the reality that they’ll never be able to outspend or out-market the huge entities spending hundreds of millions on TV ads. The strategy that will work is to position yourself as ‘THE LOCAL MEDICARE INSURANCE PROFESSIONAL” and to highlight the fact that while Medicare is a national program, plan options are local in nature. A Call Center operator will never know as much as you do about what’s taking place locally and the many different plans available.”
    - Jesse Slome, American Association for Medicare Supplement Insurance

  • "To maximize your productivity, follow a telephone script that works for you. Once you find what works for you don’t “fix” it, stick with what works for you. Only sell the appointment, do not get caught in the trap of answering product or price questions on the phone. Get to know everyone you talk to, even if you don’t make a sale. Focus on your area and become a resource for information"
    - Lloyd Loften,


The Insurance Industry is progressing rapidly and you need to stay ahead of the game! These tips will help you stay up to date on what's working for others.

Start with your favorite marketing tips, make a plan to execute and see where it takes you!

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